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August 02, 2013


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Julie Perkins

I too love all things Pyrex! My mom has a set of Pyrex casserole dishes with removable handles. My father won them at some fair in the early sixties. I have those refrigerator dishes. They're so much better than the plastic. I also have to confess to loving the old Tupperware (hangs head in shame).

Thank you for this! I'm now on a mission to find a Pyrex coffee pot!

Oh and a belated Happy Birthday!

Julie Pee

Jennifer McGregor

Love this display! Wish I still had my mom's custard cups & refrigerator dishes. I do enjoy my casserole and measuring cup which stayed in the family.

Karen F.

Great collection. I grew up with the clear custard dishes & the colored mixing bowls. Wonder what happened to them?

Lindsay and I visited Corning some years back and had a great time going through the museum. Lindsay was in heaven!

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